About Us

Would you like to see how we can get you in front of CEO’s and C-level executives and cut your costs and increase your ROI? Access CEO’s is a performance based marketing firm focused on practical and progressive solutions to get your message in front of your specific demographic, generating leads, appointments and sales. We specialize in performance based targeting of C-Level executives & purchasing agents.

Joseph Terp, creator of AccessCEO’s has been in involved in direct response television and direct mail for over 28 years as well as internet marketing for the past 6 years. He consults with clients that require needs based targeting of C-level Executives and develops marketing strategies through prospect, customer analysis, relationship and sales cycle mapping. He has been a direct marketing professional since 1985. Joseph Terp has worked as an independent direct marketing consultant and content development specialist since 2007.

AccessCEO’s provides three main services. The first is lead, appointment generation – targeting buyers that have an immediate need, and getting your product or service in front of them when they’re making the buying decision. Second, We specialize in getting your message or proposal in front of CEO’s and C-level Executives, by bypassing the gatekeepers. In order to achieve this, we target the CEO or C-Level Executives support staff and peers with messaging that requires input from the C-Level Executive you want to get your product or service proposal in front of. We accomplish this through Relationship Mapping and Analysis.

Since timing is everything in today’s business environment, a company that needs your product or service may be distracted by other issues when they initially see you message or proposal. This can cause you to lose an opportunity to make a sale. In order to prevent this from happening, we keep your message in front of each targeted CEO and executive for 12 months.

Whether you’re a small company or a larger enterprise with a CEO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO, engaging executives is simply not the same as dealing with next-level managers or peers. In order to generate the highest return on investment you need to get your message to as many executive prospects and consequently each message must be personalized and targeted to each individual executive.

Our philosophy is simple, “Don’t just tell us what you can do, show us the results”.

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