You know how hard it is to get your sales message or proposal in front of
Fortune 5000 CEO’s & C-Level executives?

We solve this.

We do this by using our retargeting list of executives making over $250,000 per year.
All of our data is segmented by industry, purchasing behaviors and interests.
You can choose the frequency CEO’s and executives see or engage with your message.

Prior to taking new clients on, we run a test campaign at our expense
to verify that our program will work for you.

What We Do

Performance based Targeting of C-Level Executives & Purchasing Agents.

Get your message in front of your specific demographic, Generating Leads, Appointments and Sales.  Whether you’re a small company or a larger enterprise with a CEO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO; or you’re aiming your marketing messages at C-level Executives, it’s important to recognize that this is a crucial audience. Recognize it and prepare accordingly. Engaging the C-level Executives is simply not the same as dealing with next-level managers or peers. To generate the highest return on investment, you need to get your message to as many executive prospects. And each message must be personalized and targeted to each individual executive.

We specialize in getting your message or proposal in front of CEO’s and C-level Executives, by bypassing the gatekeepers. In order to achieve this, we target the CEO or C-Level Executives support staff and peers with messaging that requires input from the C-Level Executive you want to get your product or service proposal in front of.

We accomplish this through Relationship Mapping and Analysis.

Relationship Mapping

Relationship Mapping looks at the direct and indirect relationships a C-level Executive has with peers at other companies that may have a need for your product or service. C-level Executives use trusted relationships with peers within their industry to identify products and services that solve problems or increase their bottom line. What does this mean for you? Instead of one potential sale, you may end up with multiple sales from multiple companies.

Our database currently includes over 63,000 plus interconnections between C-level Executives, General Managers, Controllers, Regional Managers and Purchasing Agents. New C-level relationship connections are added every day.


Timing is everything in today’s business environment. A company that needs your product or service may be distracted by other issues when they initially see your message or proposal, so you could lose an opportunity to make a sale. In order to prevent this from happening, we keep your message in front of each targeted CEO and C-level Executive for one (1) year, to maximize new appointment, referrals and closing opportunities. Contact us for details.

Face-to-Face Campaigns

Relationship Building on Steroids!

Video Merge, our proprietary technology allows CEO’s, and sales executives a simple way to email thousands of personalized videos, unique to your customer, and new business prospect.

In each video, the viewer is addressed by his or her name about a topic that they’re currently interested in and are talking about, producing an automated personalized sales funnel. We provide the platform and the consumer data that drives relationships and word-of month.

The cost of client acquisition has reached new heights over the last few years. It is imperative every prospect you get through your marketing efforts sincerely feels that you’ve taken a personal interest in them and you want their business.

We have developed a proprietary technology that allows you to email a personal video from the account executive or the owner of the company, addressing the prospect by name in the video and thanking them for their interest in your product, service or campaign. Our technology allows you to send out 1 or 100,000 individually personalized videos.

In today’s society, when a prospect receives an email or letter in the mail, the general assumption is that it is a form letter. It is not as powerful as a sales executive or even the owner of the company standing in front of a video camera, in which they call the prospect by name and either, thank them for their business or at least for showing interest in their product or service. Our technology automates this process, so the personalized video message is produced once and prospect names are seamlessly added.

The benefits are obvious, if you look at how much you spend each and every month to get customers onto your sales floor, and how many leave without buying, you can see the lost opportunity. With our technology, you can re-engage them on a personal level.

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in front of CEOs and C-Level executives call: